KANPE on the Ground in Recent Months

June 28, 2012

Since the beginning of the year, work has been underway on the ground. KANPE and its partners have laid a foundation of concrete tools for the families of Baille Tourible. The program’s participants have been saving up in their accounts opened with Fonkoze, allowing them to pursue other income-generating activities. Practices are already changing: people who previously had to borrow seeds are now able to buy them with their own savings and benefit from their yields.

Additionally, KANPE oversaw the construction of more sanitary homes and latrines and provided training sessions in agriculture, and in the deworming of goats. Here are some pictures of the work that has been done since January 2012.

A new building for the Arche de Noé school

KANPE terrain mi 2012On March 26th, KANPE began building a new home for one of Baille Tourible’s four schools. The Arche de Noé school’s previous location was in a deplorable state, having been built in October 1985 out of rudimentary materials, with sheet metal and plastic. This meant that the building where 95 students came to learn often overheated. Construction work creates jobs for local residents, like its masons who have built the foundation for the new school.



The school’s new location takes shape. Work was completed by the end of May.

KANPE terrain_6 mi 2012

The rainy season and the challenge of accessing Baille Tourible

The rainy season, which began in March, brought its share of challenges on the field. Only one road provides access to Baille Tourible and water accumulation prevented the movement of vehicles in the area. In April, KANPE’s coordinator, Fritz Louis, worked with the local associations and residents to find a solution to this problem.

Since the beginning of this year, KANPE has constructed 164 additional sanitary homes and 151 more are under construction:

KANPE terrain_10 mi 2012

KANPE terrain_11 mi 2012

Counselors like Sherley get their hands dirty transporting the cement that will be used for building the numerous homes that are currently under construction:

KANPE terrain_12 mi 2012

The Guiding involved in the management of agricultural micro-businesses

Last year, close to 700 goats were distributed to participants in the comprehensive program as part of an effort to help them launch their agricultural micro-businesses. Since the beginning of 2012, participants cared for their animals and witnessed the birth of about 140 goats. In total, 40 pigs and more than 500 chickens were also distributed during this time.

KANPE terrain_14 mi 2012

In an effort to increase participants’ knowledge regarding animal care, our partner, Fonkoze, along with our guides, held workshops in goat deworming.


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