KANPE presents its 2011 annual report

June 14, 2012
KANPE is proud to present its 2011 annual report, after a second year full of activities that sought to bring renewed hope to hundreds of families in the town of Baille Tourible in Haiti.


The report includes a review of achievements and financial statements for the year 2011. Verified by an independent and reputable accounting firm, this document provides a quick overview of what KANPE has been able to accomplish over the past year thanks to the generosity of our donors, governors, volunteers, ambassadors, partners and supporters.


KANPE would like to thank the individuals and organizations that have made possible its innovative program to support hundreds of families and the broader community in Baille Tourible. We are confident that, little by little, our work will have a lasting impact that will radiate throughout the country, far beyond this single community.

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