KANPE celebrates its first birthday!

July 12, 2011

Exactly one year ago today, more than 40,000 people gathered on the Plains of Abraham for the official launch of KANPE in the form of a concert given by members of Arcade Fire, our largest donor.

As we look back on the progress made during the past twelve months through the hard work of the entire KANPE community including ambassadors, volunteers, staff, governors, partners and board members, we believe that KANPE’s ability to fight poverty in Haiti is growing stronger every day.


We are now present on the ground in Baille Tourible, along with Partners in Health and Fonkoze, and the coordination of services is done on a weekly basis.

Approximately 1500 people, or the 300 poorest families in Baille Tourible, have been identified to participate in KANPE’s comprehensive program.

The training of six Haitian facilitators has been completed; they will offer social services support for these 300 families.

Two major projects that will have a huge impact in the community are also underway: a consolidated schools project, as well as the very first health clinic in Baille Tourible.

On this very special anniversary, we share with you our greatest wish: to count on your support in continuing to create an effective model for the fight against poverty so that Haiti can rebuild its nest, little by little.


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