KANPE stands with Haiti in Europe

September 7, 2022

The KANPE Foundation is joining Arcade Fire on their world tour, currently in Europe, to meet with its growing community of supporters and talk about KANPE’s work and impact in Haiti.

Thanks to a partnership with the organization PLUS1, $1, €1, or £1 from every ticket sold on tour will go to KANPE to fund the foundation’s initiatives in Haiti.  Arcade Fire has been supporting organizations in Haiti since 2006. With its fans’ help, the group has raised over $3.5 million for KANPE’s partners and projects in Haiti.

With a booth showcasing items made in Haiti, and apparel such as t-shirts and scarves, a KANPE team will be at tour venues in Dublin, London, Lille, Antwerp, Cologne, Paris,  and later this year in NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, and Montréal.


In Haitian Creole, “kanpe” means to stand up. KANPE is a foundation that brings support to the underserved rural communities in Haiti on their path to autonomy.

With the support of many members of the Haitian diaspora, the foundation was launched with the mission of accompanying Haiti’s underserved rural communities towards autonomy and building self-reliant communities. This is being accomplished through a holistic and integrated approach based on the strengthening of 6 pillars: health, education, agroforestry, leadership, entrepreneurship, and infrastructure.

The KANPE adventure began a little over 10 years ago at the initiative of Régine Chassagne, co-leader of Arcade Fire, and her childhood friend Dominique Anglade, a prominent Canadian political figure and leader of Québec’s opposition party.

Arcade Fire has been at KANPE’s side since its inception. Among the milestones, the group’s commitment has helped the foundation set up a medical clinic to contain the 2010 cholera epidemic and, additionally, provide access to free healthcare and medication to more than 20 000 people, some of the most underserved in Haiti’s Central Plateau.

Today, the community of Baille Tourible has access to essential health services, free education, innovative agroforestry and infrastructure projects. A young and ambitious generation of local leaders – composed mostly of women – is committed to continuing the transformative work that began over 10 years ago.

As we join Arcade Fire on this journey, we are incredibly thankful for all the love and support from the group and its community. The transformation that we are witnessing in the communities we are supporting would not have been possible without committed partners such as Arcade Fire and the passionate fans who fill arenas and believe in the power of music.

We thank you for continuing to believe in the work of KANPE and for your continued support in this journey alongside the community of Baille Tourible.

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