KANPE’s Board of Governors is growing

January 11, 2012

KANPE is pleased to announce the arrival of two new members to its Board of Governors: Mrs. Monette Malewski and Mrs. Priscilla LeBlanc. These two influential figures of the Montreal business world are the newest addition to KANPE’s base of high-profile decision-makers from their respective backgrounds.

Mrs. Monette Malewski chairs the M. Bacal Group, an insurance brokerage firm. Member of several boards and renowned businesswoman, Ms. Malewski was described by Entreprendre magazine as one of the 100 most prominent women of action in Quebec and has received several other awards.

Mrs. Priscilla LeBlanc is Vice President – Communications for Air Canada since 2007. She is responsible for all communications for Air Canada, including programs for staff communication and media relations. Madame LeBlanc has truly taken KANPE’s mission to heart, having participated in a visit to Thomonde in Haiti last year.

Members of the Board of Governors shall ensure to showcase the mission of KANPE, while supporting its approaches to the business community here and elsewhere.

The entire KANPE team extends a warm welcome to Mrs. Malewski and Mrs. Leblanc!

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