Official opening for KANPE and its partners

May 31, 2012

On May 24, KANPE held the official opening of the Baille Tourible clinic. Among those present were representatives of partners Fonkoze and Partners in Health; representatives from local associations; and Thomonde’s Member of Parliament and Mayor. The 100 guests highlighted what this clinic represents: a collaborative accomplishment for the health of the entire Baille Tourible community.

In past years, a local organization had based itself in a small building in Baille Tourible built in 2007. Their hope was to one day convert this building into a functional clinic that would serve the region’s 6,000 inhabitants. Following KANPE’s arrival in Baille Tourible, the organization offered the building and some land to KANPE and Partners In Health, where the staff residence and cholera treatment unit have since been established.

Located in the heart of Baille Tourible the clinic required renovations. These renovations were coordinated by KANPE and Partners in Health, and carried out by individuals hired from the local community. Through these efforts, the clinic now boasts a small medical laboratory, a small pharmacy, and space for patient consultations. Clinic staff are provided by our partner organization, Partners in Health.

Since its opening on July 27, 2011, the clinic has made essential health services available to community residents. Previously, community residents had to travel six hours by foot in order to access health care. Already, clinic staffs have provided care and advice to almost 5000 visitors.

KANPE would like to thank the donors and partners who helped them to reach this remarkable milestone in the Baille Tourible community.

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