Put your skills where your heart is: Become a KANPE volunteer!

October 14, 2010

You’ve read the headlines, shed tears over the images from Haiti, now here’s your chance to help.

This is your chance to use your expertise in order to help us rebuild Haiti, one family at a time.  We’re looking for focused, self-motivated, devoted volunteers who are ready to contribute their ideas and efforts towards ensuring Haiti’s future is brighter than its past. And who knows, you just might learn a few things in the process…

Come find out more on Thursday, October 21st. For more details, just sign up right here on our website, on the Kanpe Volunteer page and we’ll send you the time and place:

Volunteers in Montreal

Volunteers in Haiti

Spread the word amongst your equally, bright, motivated friends!

We look forward to meeting you and to sharing some of our KANPE commitment with you.

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