Slice of life from Baille Tourible

July 19, 2017

Mikaël Theimer is a volunteer photographer for KANPE. During his last travel in Haiti, he visited Baille Tourible for a few days. Through his photos, he shares the daily life of the members of this community supported by KANPE.

We are in Baille Tourible, and Fritz* – whom the locals warmly call “Father Fito” – makes me visit the village. Between the little houses made out of wood, we come across what seems to be the village public square. A group of young and older people enjoy the sun at the end of the day while listening to music, discussing and playing with marbles. Mikaël Theimer

*Fritz Louis is the Program Director of KANPE


KANPE works with Haitian partner organizations, each with complementary expertise, that bring their knowledge, tools, and required training to get these communities on the path to autonomy. To do this, KANPE focuses on six pillars which enable autonomy: health, nutrition, safe housing, agriculture, education, and leadership.

Our actions focus on the Haitian population, identifying and expressing their needs. Together with the community and local partners we support their initiatives.

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