A new page in the public life of our co-founder Dominique Anglade

November 8, 2022

Our co-founder Dominique Anglade is turning an important page in her public life after having broken several glass ceilings by being the first woman of Haitian origin to hold the position of minister and to lead a major political party in Quebec.

KANPE would like to take this opportunity to salute her vision and her invaluable contribution to Quebec society, particularly on issues related to the economy, the representation of women and minority groups, artificial intelligence, and ecology. Many of these two themes are at the heart of the mission of our organization, which was created more than 10 years ago.

Over the past seven years, whether as Minister of the Economy and Innovation, MNA for Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne, Deputy Premier, or Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, we have recognized in Dominique the same qualities that she has demonstrated at our side since the beginnings of our organization. We have seen the same enthusiasm, the same passion, the same rigor, the same team spirit, the same innovative ideas, and the same desire to help the less privileged achieve their full potential.

We thank her not only for her positive influence on political life in Quebec but also for the influence she continues to have on the underserved communities in the Central Plateau of Haiti, her parents’ country of origin.

Chapo ba Dominique.

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