Happy International Women’s Day!

March 7, 2022

On this day of celebration of women, we want to put the spotlight on the women leaders of Baille Tourible in the Central Plateau in Haiti. Potomitan (pillar), as they are called in Haiti, they support the family, but also the economy. Among them is Maguerloune Dominique, the president of OFADEB, a women’s organization whose goal is to provide guidance to women to ensure the success of their economic projects.

 Maguerloune Dominique is a child of Baille Tourible. She was born in a place called La Chapelle. She grew up and did her primary education in her locality. Today, she is a seasoned and ambitious businesswoman. 

 The association she leads is a space to listen to women and develop projects that meet their needs. Training has already been conducted for the members of her association and two other women’s associations in Baille Tourible. We have helped them learn basic accounting as well as organizational strengthening and good governance. Very recently, training in nutrition was organized.

 Maguerloune is very grateful for KANPE’s support. She says she can tell the difference in the 10 years the foundation has been established in the region. She no longer has to worry about access to health care. Education is better, geographic isolation and food insecurity are reduced.

“Financial autonomy is very important to ensure the future of my two sons,” says Maguerloune, who says she now looks forward to the future with a lighter heart.

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