Joissinta Fleurant: a passionate environmental agent

August 18, 2023

Today, let’s meet Joissinta Fleurant, a 30-year-old native of Baille Tourible, who has been an environmental conservation agent for almost two years. Passionate about nature, we wanted to know what motivated her to take this path.

Smiling and surrounded by the green of the seedlings at the Baille Tourible experimental farm, Joassinta answers our questions. We quickly get to the heart of the matter, asking her what motivated her to become an environmental conservation agent. She tells us that she wanted to learn more about nurseries. As an environmental conservation agent, she was able to deepen her knowledge of growing plants and preserving their environment.

Two other reasons were also put forward. The first was that she wanted to know how to care for seedlings more effectively. By working in a nursery, she learned the techniques for cultivating and caring for seedlings properly, ensuring their healthy growth.

Finally, Joissinta was driven by a desire to understand the importance of a nursery in a community. She is convinced that the preservation and growth of seedlings play an essential role in the ecological balance and contribute to the well-being of all.

One of her main motivations is to see the results of her work. Seeing the plants she has personally cared for grow is a gratifying experience that reinforces her passion for her work.

The biggest lesson she’s learned as an environmental conservationist is never to think you’ve learned everything about a subject by simply reading books,” she tells us. Thanks to her practical experience, she was able to discover and study many plants she had never encountered before in her life. This experience opened her eyes to the richness and diversity of the natural world around her.

Her greatest dream would be to see the entire Baille Tourible region reforested. She hopes to see all the seedlings planted contribute to the regeneration of the local ecosystem. “My greatest satisfaction would be to see Baille Tourible have all the plants I’ve studied in books,” she says.


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