Road maintenance to counter isolation

February 26, 2021

In mid-January, two teams of day laborers, each composed of a dozen people, began work to repair the road leading to the community we support in the Central Plateau to counter isolation.

The rainy season has not been nice to this 22-km path. It is the only one that allows to reach Thomonde, the closest larger community.

Many professionals working at Baille Tourible live in Thomonde and have to take this road to get to their place of work. The path is also used for commerce. However, the deterioration of the road due to the rainy season has almost doubled the distance between the two communities.

The interventions should reach the 10 most difficult kilometers of the route between Thomonde and Baille Tourible. The toughest sections are between the localities of Bernaco and Boucantisse, and also between the localities of Corail and the center of Baille Tourible.

This work also allows these day laborers to earn some money during the dry season.

Jean Germain Duvelsaint, aka Maestro, in charge of the Baille Tourible marching band, is very happy with the work. Living in Thomonde, the journey to Baille Tourible will be a little more than an hour at the end of the project instead of 2 hours.

The KANPE Foundation has been financing the maintenance work on the route between Thomonde and Baille Tourible since 2013.

By reducing isolation, we are helping the most vulnerable communities achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.


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