Solar energy introduced in Baille Tourible

October 28, 2022

We are pleased with the introduction of solar energy in Baille Tourible. There is no shortage of sunshine in this community perched in the mountains of the Central Plateau. It was about time to take advantage of this abundant, inexhaustible, and clean energy source. In addition to the environmental benefits, solar energy is helping to address the fuel shortage that has crippled operations in all sectors of the country for more than two years.

Last week, the first equipment arrived in the community and the installations began on the roof of the public elementary school.  Work will continue at the high school and the clinic. Fifteen street lights will also be installed in the streets.

By mid-November, the new equipment will provide enough electricity to allow the clinic to return to regular working hours. This is a relief for the community, which must be prepared in case cholera returns. In recent weeks, many cases of the disease have been reported in the country more than 3 years after its elimination.

One of the sectors most affected by this shortage is healthcare. Hospitals and clinics, unable to rely on the services of the public company for the supply of electricity, have had to resort to large-capacity generators for their operations. However, for some time now, due to the severe fuel crisis, the Baille Tourible clinic and its laboratory have often had to reduce their hours of operation, with negative consequences on the care of patients. 

Furthermore, by providing solar equipment to the schools of Baille Tourible and installing solar street lights, KANPE will stimulate school motivation and encourage recreational activities in this very isolated community. 


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