Vegetable gardens: let’s talk about cabbage

February 12, 2021

Red, green, round, kale, kohlrabi, savoy, cabbage has a thousand faces. As part of the cruciferous family, it is a low-calorie food, and full of vitamin K. Cabbage even has properties against certain types of cancer such as lung, ovary and kidney cancer.

Since last fall, it has been introduced into the gardens of 500 of the most vulnerable families in the Central Plateau of Haiti as part of our subsistence garden program (jaden lakou in Creole).

We bet that a lot of pikliz has already been prepared with the cabbage produced. Pikliz is a very spicy Haitian condiment often used to garnish griot (fried pork) and other fried dishes. Would you like to try it? Here’s a recipe.


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