Rose Lyndsay Daudier

It was during her first trip to Haiti at a very young age that Rose Lyndsay became aware of the inequalities, different realities of everyday life, and the power of empowering others to make a difference.

These reflections helped shape her academic career in urban planning, law, and project management and eventually led to a professional career directly related to human well-being. Rose Lyndsay always found ways to stay close to her roots, whether by mastering Creole, by returning to Haiti every year or by participating in redevelopment projects with local Haitian communities.

In parallel, Rose Lyndsay actively works to support projects with a strong social impact on the ground. A committed intrapreneur, she aims to establish connections between citizen initiatives and to multiply their impact. She works to bring stakeholders together while removing the barriers separating a social impact idea from its implementation.

Until recently, Rose Lyndsay served as Director of Strategic Development and Partnerships at the Social Innovation House. Today she is the Executive Director of Youth Fusion.

Previously, she held the position of Acting Director and Social Innovation Fellow for the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation’s Cities for People program, political attaché to the Minister of Culture and Communications for the Government of Quebec, where she managed innovation and cultural projects in Montreal. Her first working years were spent as the UNESCO Chair in Landscape and ÙEnvironmental Design where she dealt with urban development projects around the world.

Rose Lyndsay is also involved with various boards of directors. She is President of Pépinière | Espaces collectifs, an incubator for collective community living spaces; and serves as an administrator for les2mondes and Culture Montréal where she also sits on the Commission for Cultural Citizenship. Rose Lyndsay is also a member of the Conseil des Montréalaises.

Among her many distinctions, Rose Lyndsay Daudier has been named Vanguard of Next City: an annual global selection of the top 40 urban innovators, she has been “Social Engagement” Laureate for Black History Month, and is also ambassador for the newspaper Les Affaires.

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