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Meet our Ambassadors


Guy-Olivier Jeanty

“I got involved with KANPE because of their approach. Focusing on the long term,” says Guy-Olivier. Born in Montréal, he spent his early years in Haiti before returning…

Nicole Desrosiers

Nicole Desrosiers

“Poverty always touches me” says Nicole Desrosiers, a psychiatrist from Trois-Rivières, “I think it is important to do all we can to help people fight that situat…

Pascale LeBlanc

Pascale Leblanc

Pascale LeBlanc is a singer-songwriter born in Montréal. Having spent her childhood in Haiti, Pascale’s deep knowledge of the culture helps her spread KANPE’s message a…


Lara Berguglia

Lara found her passion for Haiti through her Haitian-born boyfriend. Her love for Haitian people, music and food led her to KANPE. Lara raises money by organizing and working event…

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